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Creating your customer avatar

Launching a business or product is an overwhelming task. The list of things to tackle probably seems endless. If I were to ask you, "Who is your ideal customer?" you may respond, "Well...anyone willing to buy my product/hire me!"

As a small business owner, I completely understand! You want to make sure that your offerings are reaching as many potential customers as possible. However, it is absolutely crucial to determine WHO your ideal customer is, as early as you can!

When you are developing a product or service, chances are that you are working to fill a need for your customer. But, when you are filling a need, you MUST think beyond your product; if you don't know who you are selling to, you will face difficulties every step of the way as you try to market your product or service.

For example, let's say you are the marketing director for a senior living community. At first glance, your target customer seems obvious: senior citizens. However, if you peel back a layer or two, you will begin to notice an entirely different demographic critical to your marketing and advertising.

When a senior citizen is in need of new housing, it's extremely likely that they are being assisted by their adult child. So, if your target demographic is approximately aged 70-90, you would be well-served considering audiences aged 50-69 in your advertising.

Even though it may seem obvious, determining your target customer is a critical piece in making sure that you are advertising to the right people. Taking the time to figure out your ideal customer(s) can help ensure that your ad dollars are going to the right places.

If you'd like to chat about creating customer avatars, I'd love to help! Contact me for your initial consult today!

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