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You may have seen in my profile that I absolutely love reading. I am always into one book or another.

The app Goodreads has been such a great tool for me as a reader; I love tracking the books I’ve read and rating them so I can easily recall which books spoke to me and which I would pass on in the future. I am also able to set my annual reading goal in Goodreads, which is highly motivating for me. I thrive on measurable goals, and the more progress I make, the more

motivated I am to keep going! As I write this, I’ve already finished 55 books out of my goal of 60 for 2021.

The first time I set a goal on Goodreads was shortly before the world stopped for COVID stay-at-home orders. Since I had so much unexpected time at home, I was able to scorch my goal of 30 books. This year, I wanted to set a much higher goal, but I was concerned that being back to a more typical work schedule would hinder my progress. I shouldn’t have worried! The ability to track the books I’d read, document books I was interested in reading, and see what my friends were reading were all hugely motivating to keep me working toward my goal.

In that spirit, I’d like to use this platform to occasionally share some books I’ve read, along with my thoughts. I hope this encourages you to pick up a book and escape into a fellow artist’s work!

Malibu Rising - Reid
Malibu Rising

Malibu Rising

Taylor Jenkins-Reid

Taylor Jenkins-Reid first hit my radar with her book Daisy Jones and the Six. I was immediately immersed in the world of Dairy Jones and the Penny Lane-esque era of music.

Whenever I discover a new author who has already published several books, I am thrilled because I am able to binge their collection. As soon as I saw that Malibu Rising was set to release in Spring 2021, I put it on my list of holds at the library. I was thrilled when it finally came available, and dove into it immediately.

Malibu did not disappoint. I easily fell into the lives of the characters, and did not want to stop reading until I reached the end. Jenkins-Reid has a beautiful gift for crafting believable characters and worlds that the reader can relate to but also wonder about. I don’t often rate books five stars, but I happily gave all five to Malibu Rising for its compelling storytelling and satisfying conclusion.


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