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What your fonts say about you

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

If you’re a new business, you have a lot on your plate. Choosing something as small as the font on your label or website can seem like a tiny, irritating detail.

However, the fonts you choose have an enormous effect on how your customers will perceive your product or service. Whether you’re building your website or creating your label and packaging, choosing the best fonts and design will set you up for success. So what do the fonts you choose say about you and your business?

Century gothic - You are classic and trustworthy; a little bit edgier than Arial, but an entirely respectful choice.

Lobster - You are fun and whimsical. Your brand is current and modern, but also solid - the eldest child of the family. (You also might be MY child - my kids love this font.)

Georgia - No nonsense and traditional, you know exactly what you stand for. Your brand is timeless and well respected.

DM Serif Display - Fresh and modern, you are a tastemaker and trend-setter. You know the hottest spot and wear the latest fashions.

Times New Roman - You know what you like and you don’t see why you should change it. You like tried and true because it works.

Comic sans - You need my help. Please contact me for an initial consult as soon as possible.

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