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How can I help you?

When you're thinking of your communications or marketing needs, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Every project is linked with another, and it can be difficult to crystalize exactly what you're looking for. I'm here to help. Schedule your consultation call, and I'll walk you through the rest! Whether you know exactly what services you need, or you're completely lost, I'm here to partner with you and provide the deliverables you need.

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Graphic Design & Layout

With this service, I can provide exactly what you're looking for. Whether you need a logo for your new business, or you're looking for a brand-consistent layout for your newsletter, I can help! I am experienced in working with established brand guidelines, but I also love a blank slate! Let me help you make your business look amazing.


Communications and marketing strategies can sound intimidating! I will listen to your goals and priorities, and work with you to establish a plan to help you succeed. With this service, you will come away with a clear plan and workable tasks to help you achieve your goals.

Brand Identity

This service is highly customized to your needs. Whether you're just starting out, or have been in the game for a while, I can help you solidify your brand identity. It is imperative for all businesses to have a firm grasp on their brand. Logos, colors, fonts, tone, and customer profiles are all essential building blocks to a brand's success. Together, we can come up with a plan to meet your needs and help establish a solid platform on which your business will thrive.


Whether you're looking for a blog post or a product description, I can help ensure that your needs are met with compelling copy. I am skilled at writing in different voices and tones, and will provide copy that seamlessly integrates with your brand and standards.

Initial Consultation - $40

In this 15-20 minute call, we'll talk about your projects and goals. After our chat, I'll follow up with a consult summary, as well as a tailor-made proposal detailing project specifics, time estimates, and cost.

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